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Trouble with Realsense 3D (F200)

So just recently I bought my laptop from my brother, basically in the best conditions, it is an HP ENVY 15-v010nr Touchscreen laptop, which comes with the integrated Intel Realsense 3D (F200).I formatted the laptop completely so I've been installing the drivers directly from the intel website, and the webcam does work but for some reason I get a really blurry, or bad quality image, when I'm pretty sure that the Camera can do better. I took a photo of my cellphone and that's the quality that I get from the camera. The camera was working before, I believe the default OS was Window 8.1, and now I am running Windows 10. I'm not really sure what's going on but I'm really looking forward to using it, I would really aprecciate some help!



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Hello Manuel, 

All RealSense suport has moved to RealSense Community. This forum in the Intel Developer Zone will soon be archived and is no longer monitored. Please post your question in RealSense Community.

When you post your question in RealSense Community please attach the following system information and logs.

First gather all system information by generating an msinfo file. In order to generate the file please press on the keyboard WinLogo key + r, then type in msinfo32, then click on File>>Export, and attach the .txt file to this email.

Please also check Device Manager -> Imaging Devices and see if you have three entries for Intel RealSense 3D Camera. Please attach a screenshot of this.

Please zip all the folders and send to us as attachment.


Jesus Garcia

Intel Customer Suppor