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What RSTCLI.exe to use with RST on Windows 10 64 bit?

We use the Intel Storage Technology in our POS systems for years, using the RSTCLI.exe utility to manage the RAID volume. After updating to Windows 10 64 bit, using RST version, we tried to use the corresponding RSTCLIPro.exe to manage the RAID volume. Alas, the '-M' option to manage the RAID volume seems to be gone. The possibility must still exist as the graphical tool (IAStorUI.exe) supports it. Does anyone know what version of RSTCLI to use in our situation?

Searching through the binaries it seems that all functionality is still present in ISDI2.dll. Googling around for an interface, we noticed that other users ran into this scenario too. Note that we create POS systems that are entirely 'closed': the end user has no possibility to run 3th party applications and all configuration is handled by our application, mostly in the background (for stability and security). Is there any way to get to an interface description (C++ header file) for the ISDI2 library? It would be no problem to sign an NDA for it, although I don't see any reason why Intel would not make the interface public: all customers that like to integrate the Intel RAID functionality into their application could benefit from it.


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