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What are the steps in the analysis phase of 'software development process'?

What are the steps in the analysis phase of 'software development process'?

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Requirements analysis can be broken down into two distinct activities: capturing requirements and analyzing requirements. Capturing requirements is the task of communicating with stakeholders to determine what the requirements are. This is commonly done via formal and informal meetings, e-mails and phone calls. Analyzing requirements is the tasks of using standard tools and practices to generate a single unambiguous baseline of the requirements. Once all the stakeholders agree on the requirements, the baseline is created and becomes the formal requirements source. Below are the practices defined by the FSA SDLC for requirements analysis:


    Establish a Vision - Focus on the capabilities needed by the stakeholders and why these needs exist. Pay special attention to "what" the project should accomplish not "how" it should accomplish it. The Vision should also include the scope, features and environment of the project, as well as the precedence and priority of the features.

    Standardize the Vocabulary - Create a Glossary of terminology specific to the project. Be sure to include all abbreviations, acronyms, business terms and technical terms. Terms already defined in the Application Development Glossary do not need to be repeated in project glossaries. 

    Discover Constraints - Sources could include standards, mandates, directives, quality attributes, the environment, security and licensing requirements.

    Define Behavior - Identify the behavior the system needs to exhibit to provide the capabilities requested by the stakeholders. Common practices include Use Case Modeling and Business Process Modeling.