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Windows Universal App build crashing issues

So, i've tried everything and i mean everything to try and solve this issue and have turned up with no luck.

I've been building this game for roughly 3 years now by myself and I'm ready to release it. I chose to build to Android and Windows to begin with and then go and make a version for IOS down the road. The Android build works flawlessly with no issues what so ever. However, when i went to go and test on windows many issues became apparent.  First off, whenever i go to run the game, i can get through the tutorial but when i exit out of it the app will immediately crash. I went and tried using the Adobe phone gap build service and it would let me run the windows version easily but i have no html5 LocalStorage support which my app relies on when saving and loading user data..... Im honestly lost on this issue. I tried looking around for a way to get around this issue to have a properly functioning windows build but have had no luck. Has anyone else experienced this issue before when building for the windows platform? And is there any alternative to fixing this issue like a different programming suite??? I'm just that stuck....







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Another thing you can try is building your app locally with Cordova CLI. This will require access to a Windows machine, because it requires Visual Studio to perform the build. See these instructions for the Windows build requirements > <

To convert your project and settings to a config.xml file, see this short list > < and use this script > <