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intel realsense f200 depth stream is not working with matlab



I want to use the f200 camera for taking depth streams with matlab. I was able to built a .dll with this code: I can use the depth camera with the  RealSense SDK Sample Browser. With the matlab test code from Intel I can get color streams but no depth streams. When I execute the trigger for the depth camera the status of the video object stays at "Logging data", but the camera doesn't acquire any frames. 


When I don't use the getdata function and just start a stream I always get this status from the video object:

Here is the sample code:

%%%%%%%%%%%% Render and Save F200 color and depth streams simultaneously
vid = videoinput('realsenseimaq', 2);
vid2 = videoinput('realsenseimaq',1);
triggerconfig([vid vid2],'manual');
vid.FramesPerTrigger = 30;
vid2.FramesPerTrigger = 30;
vid.TriggerRepeat = 1;
vid2.TriggerRepeat = 1;

start([vid vid2]);

trigger([vid vid2]);

colordata = getdata(vid2);
depthdata = getdata(vid); 

stop([vid vid2]);


here is the status of the camera when I execute the trigger to start a stream:

Summary of Video Input Object Using 'F200 depth sensor'.

   Acquisition Source(s):  input1 is available.

  Acquisition Parameters:  'input1' is the current selected source.
                           3000 frames per trigger using the selected source.
                           'F200depth_640*480' video data to be logged upon START.
                           Grabbing first of every 1 frame(s).
                           Log data to 'memory' on trigger.

      Trigger Parameters:  2 'manual' trigger(s) upon TRIGGER.

                  Status:  Waiting for TRIGGER 1 of 2.
                           0 frames acquired since starting.
                           0 frames available for GETDATA.

*I set the FramesPerTrigger to 3000, to check if my memory is filling up with frames..but nothing happens. 


Has anyone of you ever had the same problem ? I wasn't able to find related discussions in this or other boards. Thanks for your help !








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For my r200 I had the same error: ...'not a valid adaptor' when registering the pre compiled .dll in matlab R2016a. Has there been an updated build or solution to this issue? Thanks