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no more build extensions, and what package to upload?

I'm building a new app with Intel XDK 3088, and I'm at the build phase.

I have noticed that build packages being downloaded do not include an extension (regardless of mobile app platform).

For example, the iOS download should have an extension of 'ipa'. The android build package should have a 'zip' extension. Presently, no extension is included by default on any downloaded build package (all three windows options also).

Request and Questions:
please reinstate file extensions on build packages available for download if possible.
should the windows packages have a 'zip' extension (if not, what extension should it be)?
I also need to know - which file(s) inside the windows download package to upload (what's recommended)?


And I checked the forum and did a search. If there's existing documentation that answers my question, it may be 'too hard to find' (just saying). Or it's right in front of me, and I simply didn't notice (it's happened before).

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I just did a test and I get file extensions for every build I do. Some are ZIP files that contain the native app packages (also with appropriate extensions) and some are direct download of the native app package.

Please double-check how your windows explorer is setup to be sure it will display a file extension >