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please help i7 6700k over heating

Please help my cpu is over heating! (i dont know a lot about overclocking and dailing in a cpu so please bare with me) So after building my gaming pc which was running awsome with a i7 6700t (locked version), i found a deal for the i7 6700k (unlocked version) a few days later for the same price so i decied to upgrade. The 6700t ran at about 20 C, about 40 C with load. My new 6700k runs (at load ) high 80s which is to high and if i let in stresss test it would have gone higher. Base operating temps were at 35 and im getting high temps when ever app or game loads. The only thing i changed in bios was intel quick-step to off, i turned it back on again and got 19-23 C (800 mhz) which proves my water cooler is working becuase my rooms at 23 C (corsair h55 water cooler could it not be working well enough?). I did my own thermal paste (Arctic MX-4) i used a pea size glob and did not spread it becuase i heard the pressure from the cooler being placed on it smears it  perfectly with out porosity. Im going to redo the thermal past tonight and see what happens. Im also going to try to reset the cmos and reflash the bios to see if that solves anything. Everything is upto date, new, installed carefully and i checked the temp with servel tools. Any ideas to solve this would be awesome thanks, it is only a few days old should i go get a new one well i still can?

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You may want to post this in the community for processors here:

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