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Freezing/Pausing SSD X25-M 80GB

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I've read others similar problems, but I want to know what to do in my situation. I have the drive above, and I have once in the past, done a secure erase and reformat, and reload, etc.

Here's the symptom. About every half hour or so of continuous use, sometimes more often, the system stops--meaning, applications go to "Not responding" state, but the mouse pointer moves smoothly. It seems that no processing is going on, CPU meters and disk I/O indicators stop dead in their tracks. This lasts for about 5-10 seconds, then the system goes on and "catches up" with the waiting mouse clicks. It does not appear to be CPU-bound at the time, as CPU was quite low when it happens, say 10%. RAM usage stays around 70% or so.

Nothing crashes, nothing fails. Just this brief time out. It doesn't seem to be correlated to the app I'm using or anything else I can find. This is a very fast machine, Core i7 860 2.8GHz, desktop, fast graphics, 4GB RAM, Win 7-64. The SSD has about 34g free of its 74g capacity. Is this an SSD problem? What can I do?

I have the latest driver installed and the toolbox, but driver optimizer apparently isn't available on this older drive.

Here's the drive info export. Let me know if I should dump out any other info.

Thanks much!

'ID' 'Description' 'Raw' 'Normalized' 'Threshold' 'Action'3 Spin Up Time01000 Ready for use.4 Start/Stop Count01000 Ready for use.5 Re-allocated Sector Count01000 Ready for use.9 Power-On Hours Count35331000 Ready for use.0C Power Cycle Count3231000 Ready for use.C0 Unsafe Shutdown Count2251000 Ready for use.E8 Available Reserved Space09910 Ready for use.E9 Media Wearout Indicator0830 Ready for use.E1 Host Writes 11.82 TB1970 Ready for use. 'Word' 'Description' 'Value' 0 General Configuration40 Bit 15 - ATA Device Identifier0 Bit 14:8 - Retired0 Bit 7:6 - Obsolete1 Bit 5:3 - Retired0 Bit 2 - Response Incomplete0 Bit 1 - Retired0 Bit 0 - Reserved0 1 Obsolete 3FFF 2 Specific Configuration C837 3 Obsolete10 4 Retired0 5 Retired0 6 Obsolete 003F 8-Jul Reserved0 9 Retired0 19-Oct Serial Number CVEM936600T2080DGN 20-21...
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