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120 GB 510 Series SSD Issue

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I've been having some odd issues with the comp I built back April. I'll list the specs then the issue to give you a sense of things:

Core I7-2600K

Asus P8P67 lastest BIOS update

Corsair 4x4GB DDR3 1600mhz Ram

Geforce 570GTX

Asus Xonar D2 sound card PCI version

Intel 120GB 510 Series SSD

Western Digital Black 1TB Sata 3 version

I have Windows 7 x64 Ultimate on the SSD along with the basic applications and my games on the mechanical drive. All my drivers are up to date and all windows updates are done. I also optimized the SSD with the Intel toolbox app, I've checked everything hardware wise that I can test out... Memtest64 showed the ram was in good shape after 24 hours of testing. Here are three things that always seem to happen in my general day of use. First issue is that the comp will just just randomly lock up with screeching noises coming from the speakers. Secondly, the comp will lose it's sound and still be useable for another few minutes before it completely locks up and makes the terrible screeching noises over the speakers. Lastly, the comp will just BSOD out of what I'm doing with a memory dump with either a nonpage file fault or another error messages that I can't remember. It's very odd because the OS doesn't retain the BSOD info after I have to force shut it down and restart it. The only thing it complains about is not being properly shut down. The comp will also have purged the cookies in my browser so all my username/passwords are all reset along with any customized settings for wesbites are reset. This is what has me looking at the SSD as the issue. Have I missed something that I should adjust or is the SSD bad?

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Note that on this specific case, the issue could be related with the chipset or the memory, there is a posibility that yes, the hdd is defective, my suggestion will be to install the intel ssd toolbox and then run the "full diagnostic scan" that should let you know if there is a problem with the ssd or not.