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320 120GB: reallocated-sector-count says 1 sector. Is that normal?

I've recently got Intel 320 120GB SSD. Until yesterday I was thinking "so far, so good". But then I've noticed reallocated-sector-count == 1 sector. Is that typical? Does it count as a reason for a warranty?

My SMART output:

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Community Manager

I strongly believe (meaning I will go on record professionally as stating this) it's normal.

However, what I would like to know from Intel, is what exactly "a remapped sector" means in the case of their SSDs. Does this attribute refer the number of single NAND flash cells (e.g. n * 8KBytes) which can no longer reliably be written to (but read from successfully hence the successful remapping), thus the FLD no longer maps LBAs to that NAND flash page but rather to a spare?

On a classic mechnical HDD, this refers to the number of LBAs which have been successfully remapped. An LBA there is 512 bytes (or sometimes 4096 bytes on newer 4KB sector drives), but in the case of an SSD (which do claim logical and physical sector size as 512 bytes for full compatibility, even though we know they use 8KB pages), what does it mean exactly?

DuckieHo, think you can track down an engineer to get some clarification on this?