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320 problem


I purchased a 320 series 160G disk last month and everything worked fine. I migrated the windows 7 home premium system onto it and installed the disk into my VAIO. There was no problem for the whole month. But suddenly two days ago the computer freezed when I was browsing internet using Firefox. The harddisk indicator kept lighting up continuously. After I turned off the laptop and turned it on, the laptop halted at the Windows starting up screen. I got into the VAIO rescue but checked the disk and did not detect any problem. But still I could not get pass the Windows startup screen. So I switched to the old harddrive and the Windows worked fine. I tried to connect the 320 SSD using the USB to SATA cable but the Drive did not show up in My Computer. I tried with another computer and the same thing happened.

My guess is the Intel Disk is defected? Shall I just call Intel to exchange for a new one?

Thank you.

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Community Manager

If you had a Windows Repair disk for the 320 OS installation, you could have run that and see if you just had a glitch in your OS. USB to SATA cables don't alwasy work, the best test would have been connecting your 320 to a SATA port on the other PC. If that failed, and given your other testing, it does sound like a bad SSD.