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320 series 80Gb - 8mb - Intel SSD is not attached or disabled

Hi guys,

Just received my SSD and it went well for approx... 2 hours. But now, I have the well known 8mb issue...

I read a lot about it and how to update the firmware, which I tried to do but couldn't manage to get through it.

In details, I burned the .iso and booted on the CD, but a message quickly appeared : Intel SSD is not attached or disabled

I tried to :

Change SATA3 to SATA1 position

Change the SATA mode on the BIOS but I only have RAID or AHCI

Change SATA cable

I checked on the BIOS, the SSD is found with a 8mb capacity, I have nothing from nvidia installed, the machine is a Dell Studio XPS 7100, I don't have any other machine in my entourage able to run on IDE mode

Any idea on how I can sort this out ?

Thanks for your help


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