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335 SSD Reading Data Error

I was having boot errors, so I ran a full diagnostic on my SSD and the read scan stopped at 36% with a message that an error was detected reading data from the SSD. I'm inserting screen shots of the system information and the SMART details. If you tell me how to post the drive log file, I'll do that, too.

Is my SSD toast or can I do something to fix it or further diagnose the problem?

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The 335 is rated for 20 GB per day for three years, so the limit is 21,900 GB or 21.9 TB. You have not exceeded that yet. Product Specifications and Briefs for Solid State Drives

SSDs, especially consumer ones, are not tolerant of power-loss situations. Some consumer SSDs brick if the power is suddenly removed (a UPS might be in order). I use enterprise SSDs in desktops because they have power-loss capacitors to enable the SSD to save in-flight data. The 730 SSD was a good one. Understanding the effects of power failure on flash-based SSDs | EE Times

Wait for Intel's recommendations, but back-up all files now before things get worse. If it is less than three years old, you might have a warranty claim.

If nothing else works, here's a last-ditch option. If you cannot fix the SSD, you can always try DBAN ( Darik's Boot And Nuke | Hard Drive Disk Wipe and Data Clearing) to resurrect it. Intel recommends DBAN for this purpose ( When You Run a Low-Level Format on Intel® Solid State Drives for...). The procedure is to download DBAN onto a CD-ROM. Then insert it into the CD-ROM drive and restart the PC. DBAN will wipe every last bit on all attached drives -- Danger, Will Robinson! -- but it sometimes allows a confused SSD controller to start fresh. Then reinstall Windows.