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530 for an HP Envy 17t



have an HP HP Envy 17t-k000 CTO Notebook. I want to insert an Intel 530 Series 240 GB as the main drive,


moving the 1TB drive to the second drive slot to use for most storage. I have


several questions:

  1. 1. Will this


    SSD work with this HP model – that the specs for the SSD will not be impaired


    (eg, the read/write, IOP's, etc.)? I have read that some of these performance


    measurements can be curtailed by various hardware factors. Microcenter will


    install so that the warranty on all other HP-supplied items bill be intact, and


    such items as the right connection cables, etc. should be done properly.
  2. 2. IOP's – I see that the 530 has a 41,000 read,


    whereas the 730 has 89,000. Will this matter that much to me? My main use will


    be excel. As an example, I have a set of linked workbooks, with five workbooks


    taking data from a sixth workbook and feeding the results to a seventh workbook.


    A five-year-old HP Pavilion with and an Intel Core2 Quad Q9000, 2.0 GHz and 6GB


    RAM. The Envy has an Intel i7-4710HQ, 2.5GHz, 2501 Mhz and 16 RAM. The set of


    workbooks takes six minutes for each workbook. The Envy takes two minutes. I


    would hope that the SSD, on which I will put the Windows 7 OS and Office 2010,


    and the excel workbooks, will cut the time for the workbooks to one minute.


    Will the 730 be better for this than the 530 and how much better?

[Other forums indicate that the Envy 17t-k000 CTO may


not have two drive slots. Mine does.]

Thank you

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Hello DontKnowMuch,

Let me help you with this information.

Our SSDs should work just fine on any system but this depends on the compatibility with the Computer Manufacture or OEM. Sometimes they set limitation on the chipset to support certain products but I the SSD should work just fine.

My best recommendation is to check the size of the SSD and confirm with HP if the SSD will fit on the computer.

In regards the Red cycles if you are going to use the SSD for excel it should work perfectly.

Kevin M