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600p ssd firmware update no longer gets to bios

I have a question about the most 600p ssd 256gb version.

As of February 1st I updated the firmware to the ssd where it then instructed me to either restart now or to restart later where I then restart my computer (Alienware R2 15). However, the computer would no longer boot instead it would initially just kick on the fans and do nothing else with nothing appearing on the screen. Later, however, after a reboot or two seeing if it was just an error the backlight on the keyboard appeared but again nothing else would ever come up on the screen. After taking the ssd out of the laptop and booting back to the hhd the computer worked fine. I then installed it in my desktop where it experienced the same issue and would not boot instead it actually prevented my boot ssd in my desktop, a 840 evo, from booting to windows 10. The computer would instead boot to the hhd which had a corrupted version of windows 7 which was not the boot drive but simply for storage.

So did I manage to mess up the drive when it was updating the firmware or is there something else that is wrong with it.

When it is installed in the laptop the system gets nowhere and cannot boot even to a recovery media.

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Community Manager

Hello Cyan_Ace,



We understand you have an Intel® SSD 600p Series that after receiving a firmware update will not allow either of your computers to post.



Due to the nature of the problem, we won't be able to provide any further troubleshooting. Our recommendation will be to contact our support team to start the warranty replacement process.



Best regards,


Carlos A.