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8 x Slow SSD'S in Raid 5

Hi, i Have a supermicro X8DAH+ M/B and I just bought 8 520 Series 480GB Intel SSD Drives, I am running them through an Adaptec 7805 Raid Controller card in raid 5, with a 400GB partition for operating system ect, the rest is divided into 3 Raid 5 drives, I am only getting 270MB Read and 1000MB write for some reason, also have noticed that NCQ is on for the controller but of on the drives them selfs, I then installed my old Adaptec 5805 card and got read 1050MB and write 1000mb, and also noticed that NCQ was on for both controller and drives, i then installed a Adaptec 6805 and got speeds of Seq Read 2463mb and writes of 1461mb and noticed that NCQ was on for the controller and the drives, Why is it not coming on for the 7805 card, when NCQ is turned on in the controller software but of on the drives, I have contacted Adaptec and they say it is the drive problem, not their controller, any ideas anyone, as i would like to use my Adaptec 7805 instead of the 6805 controller, also i have tried it in raid 0 and 10 and made no difference at all with the same setup.

The MB has latest drivers installed, the controller latest firmware and drivers as well, the system has 48Gb of 1333ECC ram, Quadro FX 4800, dual Xeon 5690 cpus, Oh the reason i want to use the 7805 controller is that it has 1024mb of ram, also are these speeds I am getting on the 6805 pretty close to the mark?






P.S also these tests are run with Winsat disk in the command prompt! The tests are similar on other 3rd party software i.e crystal disk, ect ect.


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