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About Intel NAND flash inside SSDs

Hallo folks!

Does anyone have idea on which type of Intel NAND flash is used in Intel and other SSDs?

Let's take flash part number of NAND flash used in Intel 510: Intel 29F16B08JAMDD. Is it synchronous or asynchronous type?

And those used in some Vertex 3's: Intel 29F16B08CCME2 - Which type is that?

And those in ADATA 511S: Intel 29F16B08CAME1.

None of the reviewers give even a guess on which type those NAND flashes are.


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Is it a such hard question that nobody can answer?

Looks like I will answer it myself, so based on info found here:, the difference can be known from Voltage value which is defined by 4th digit from the end. 'A' stands for 3.3V and asynchronous type; 'C' stands for 1.8V and synchronous type.

Which is why, Vertex 3's: Intel 29F16B08CCME2 - synchronous type, what is quite possible as synchronous Micron parts can be found in Vertex 3 as well;

ADATA 511S: Intel 29F16B08CAME1 - asynchronous type.

And the last, Intel 510: Intel 29F16B08JAMDD - asynchronous ? Will anybody doubt this? Considering high price of 510 series, adding synchronous flash would have put price further of the current one - can be truthful also.

Now it is clear.