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Adaptor brackets

I'm going to buy the Intel X25-M Mainstream SSDSA2MH080G2C1 but since it doesn't come with a mounting kit I'm looking at the OCZ OCZACSSDBRKT2 Solid State Drive 3.5" Adaptor Bracket, to ensure I can mount to this does anyone know if the drive I have selected has mounting holes for screws on the bottom for this bracket to attach? Thanks.

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Hi talon,

Yes, the drive has four mouting holes on the bottom, but the corresponding holes on the OCZ bracket (vieweing the photos) seems to be in weird positions! In addition it seems to have mounting for only 1 SSD.

By the way i bought the first (and i suppose out of line) OCZ bracket and they are crap, because the bracket is two L shaped metal plates and the SSD's could be subjected to mechanical stress.

A good bracket is the Silverstone Dual 2.5 inches Hard Drive Rack - SST-SDP08 (avaliable @ under Case Parts, Mods & DIY/Bay Hardware) $11.95. It can house 2 SSD's.

Other choices are the Lian Li HD 321 (not the 322) ($9.95) and HD 520 ($18.95), respectively for 3.5 and 51/4 bays, at the same store. Both can house 2 SSD's at same time.

Hope this help.

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Thanks so much, I asked over at the OCZ forum and the moderator shot down my question right away. Can't wait to get my new drive, thanks!