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Alternative to TRIM using Nvidia controllers with Intel X25 SSD? JMicron alternative?


I just got a new Intel X25-M 80GB drive and I have an EVGA NForce 790i SLI Digital FTW motherboard which uses an nvidia controller for the SATA ports 1-6 and a jMicron controller for SATA ports 7-10

I am trying to use my 1 Intel X25 SSD as my C: drive to run my Windows 7 64bit and some programs/games (Inserted in SATA port 6)

while using my two Western Digital drives in Raid 0 to run other programs and games and, (inserted in SATA ports 1 and 2)

my two Seagate drives in Raid 0 to store music/videos/pictures etc. (inserted in SATA ports 3 and 4)

Before I got my Intel SSD, I was using my western digital drives as my OS drives as well.

My problem is, my nvidia controllers don't support TRIM while in RAID mode. Even though my SSD is a single drive and not in raid, the nvidia controller apparently puts it in raid mode in order to control my other raid drives.

I tried installing the microsoft controller drivers that come with windows, and it allowed me to get TRIM and the intel toolbox to work. BUT windows was no longer able to see my raid drives properly because I wasn't using the nvidia drivers for the controller.

I tried setting up the SSD with my JMicron controller instead but the computer does not see the SSD at all when I do this! Does JMicron not support SSD drives?

So Basically I need to find out if there is a way I can keep my Intel SSD running at top speeds without having TRIM. Is there another software that does the same thing? If I log out of windows every night when I go to bed, will Garbage Collection do all the cleaning and speeding necessary? Or do I need to use both TRIM and Garbage collection for the SSD to perform properly?

I really want to keep my new Intel SSD, but If i won't be able to maintain its speed without TRIM, there is no point in keeping it...

Please help if you can, thanks a lot.

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Hello, I understand the situation that you have with this nvida chipset unfortunately we do not have any recommendation on this case since there is no way, at least that we know, on how to disable 100% the raid option on this controller, so the trim command won't be available, I suggest to contact the Motherboard manufacturer to see if they have any recommendation on this regard.