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Hi There,

I have just installed a ssd drive and on boot up, i am receiving this message, (This version only supports disk drives and cd roms). I am told that this is normally and is caused by the Intel AHCI ROM loading.It does slightly delay start up and i have attached a copy of this message as well as my bios settings.Is there any way to remove this message on boot up

many thanks


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Hello Codyalan,

This message seems to be caused by conflicts between the hard drives and the AHCI BIOS. This may happen when you change the storage controller mode from IDE to AHCI, but, you still have a Hard Drive that was initialized in IDE mode. For other user, this happened when trying to boot the computer from a USB device.

In the screenshot you provided, I see that you have a 1 TB Hard disk. Was this drive already formatted in IDE mode? Have you tried booting the computer with this drive disconnected, with the BIOS set to AHCI and using only the new SSD? this may help you narrow down the possible causes.

If this is the case, you might need to back up the data in the existing drive first, then remove any partitions from the drive; after that, initialize the drives and do a new OS installation with the storage controller set to AHCI mode.

We also advise you to contact the Computer Manufacturer Support and obtain updated BIOS for your Motherboard.

Here are some forums that may help as reference:

We would like to mention that the focus of this Forum is on Intel devices, 3rd party SSD's and motherboards may behave in a similar way, so the actions mentioned before may help you resolve this issue. However, we encourage you to contact the manufacturer of your SSD (AData), and computer/motherboard for assistance as well, as they may confirm if these actions apply to your system.