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Black screen after reboot Data Migration


I have a black screen after reboot with the Data Migration software. The fan, of my Toshiba notebook is running full speed, but I can't see what is happening.

What can I do now?

Wait a few ours? The Intel SSD 520 is connected via a USB to my Windows XP Toshiba notebook.

Restart the system? And then?

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Hello John_T,

You can try the following actions, as they may help in this type of situations:

- Try using the Bootable Media Method to migrate the drive. This is explained in page 12 of the Intel® Data Migration Software user Guide.

- Attempt the migration using a different USB port.

- Update the PC BIOS, and system drivers.

If the issue persists, please Contact Support for further assistance from an agent in your nearest support center.


Hi John,

I just experienced a similar issue as I cloned my boot drive, an Intel 730 Series 240GB SSD, to the previously installed boot drive, an Intel 320 Series 160GB SSD.

I upgraded to the newer 730 today from the 320, and when I had my new boot drive installed with a base install and all Windows 7 updates, I cloned it to the original 320 Series 160GB SSD.

When the machine prompted me to restart (to start the cloning operation), I restarted, but my monitor was black. I saw the green HDD light on the front bezel of my machine was illuminated, but not blinking, so decided to be patient and wait, my boot drive is only around 80GB full, but it still took around 10 minutes of black screen before the HDD light went off - after which I pressed any key (space bar actually). The system rebooted. And my boot drive booted successfully with Windows. The clone was successful. The clone's 320 partitions showed up in Windows explorer, I shutdown the machine and swapped out my new drive, and restarted with the old drive to confirm it was a good clone, it booted my base install perfectly.

FYI - My video card is an NVIDIA NVS 315 (two installed, one used, w/ 1 monitor).

The clue something was happening was the HDD light (though it was solid green), and like you my fans were running. Also this video on youtube had the hint to push any key when done, I waited until the HDD light went out to do so.