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Cannot install intel data migration software

I have a brand new HP Win7 and want to migrate to my new Intel ssd 320 series disk.

I have assigned a drive letter and formatted the SSD drive, as it sits in my usb to sata external bay.

The data migration software cannot see that it is intel, and thus it will not install.

The drive shows as generic usb drive in windows.

What to do?

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Community Manager

I'm not experienced with the Intel data migration software, but since you're using Windows 7, do you have a spare portable HDD (with USB or other connectivity) handy?

To migrate my Toshiba laptop, I simply used the Windows 7 system image feature (located within windows 7 backup) and created a system image to a portable HDD. I then swapped over the laptop to my X-25 SSD, used the bootable recovery CD that the windows 7 system image backup process creates, and resotred the image from the portable HDD. It was quite a simple process, surprisingly, and given it was native to windows, I was pretty impressed. For the record, the recovered image on the SSD is perfectly aligned etc.

I know this doesn't help your situation directly, but it might be an alternative. Your issues sounds like the way the USB-to-SATA bridge presents the drive name/ID data to windows. I'd say its malformed in some way and hence the Intel software doesn't see the SSD it expects.