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'Check SMART Attributes' is grayed out.

I have an Intel 320 120GB, it has two partitions. I also have my old Western Digital HDD as backup storage (also partitioned in two). And for whatever reason I cannot check the SMART attributes for my Intel SSD, but weirdly enough I can check the SMART attributes for my Western Digital partitions using the SSD toolbox.

I have tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling the program but every time I click on one of my my SSD partitions in the SSD toolbox, the 'Check SMART Attributes' is grayed out and I cannot access it. I can access everything else, just can't click on that one feature.

What gives? I wanted to check my SSD's media wear-out but cannot do that because I cannot check the SMART attributes.

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Please note that the problem seems to be the SATA controller that is not able to properly recognize the Solid State Drive, for this issue I suggest you the following recommendations:

- Try to update the BIOS of your motherboard

- Use the latest SATA drivers

- Make sure that you select the AHCI option in the BIOS under SATA / drive configuration

- Change the port (use port 0 or 1)