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Chipset drivers stops my Intel SSD Toolbox from working ???

So, I've spend pretty much the ENTIRE day reading and tweaking. I think I've got things running pretty solid now, especially after some help from Les over at The SSD Review. Thanks Les! So here are my remaining questions for now:

For some reason when I install the Marvell chipset drivers OR the intel chipset drivers (not sure which install causes the problem) for my 6Gb port on my P6X58D Mother Board (which is what my SSD is connected too) I can no longer get my toolbox software to connect to my drive! Thoughts?

Also, I can see my SSD drive as an ejectable device in my safely remove hardware dialogue utility in my system tray. I remember that going away when I install my one or both of the chipset drivers mentioned above. Other than that, everything seems to be working nicely. And information would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello, based in the description that you just provide, it seems that the problem that you have is related with the operating system, seems to be corrupted, I will recommend you to reinstall the operating system and then try to install the latest version of the Toolbox from the following link: