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So I have successfully updated the firmware of my drive, disabling RAID in BIOS temporarily so that it is in legacy IDE mode so that it runs as per the Readme "workaround". Then I switched back to RAID. Note I'm using RAID0 with only a single drive - reason - I don't have AHCI support in my bios, so it's either legacy IDE or RAID. Doing performance benchmarks, the difference was night and day, RAID0 with single drive yielded excellent, and proper results I expected out of my SSD. RAID is a superset of AHCI.

But here is my question, is the TRIM function being send to the Drive on deletion ? I see the the toolbox doesn't support RAID at this time, but this is a utility. Does the firmware support TRIM being in RAID?

And more importantly, if I install drivers for my RAID, nforce drivers, does that present a problem with the TRIM command being sent to the drive ? These are high performance drivers for nforce chipsets. The default Microsoft Drivers in Windows 7 work, but I have noticed a performance difference thru benchmarks.

So how can I accurately confirm these questions ?

Thanks !

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Well I've done some research and I have a working TRIM install of Windows 7.

RAID, no matter the chipset doesn't support TRIM.

AHCI is NOT required for TRIM, IDE SATA supports TRIM.

Only the Microsoft Sata / IDE Driver supports TRIM at this time, other chipset makers will have to update there drivers for motherboards.

Performance of Microsoft SATA / IDE Driver ?

AWESOME. I reinstalled Windows 7, IDE and I can use the SSD Toolbox from Intel aswell - I don't have an option in my BIOS for AHCI !!!

nForce4 (K8N-DL) Motherboard btw.

CrystalDiskMark Perf:

Seq Read: 256.8 MB/s

Seq Write: 87.98 MB/s

512K Read: 175.2 MB/s

512K Write: 87.87 MB/s

4K Read: 22.91 MB/s

4K Write: 69.56 MB/s

Compared to RAID 0 Single Drive, and changing from RAID to IDE after OS already installed, these values are all better than before.

I hope this information helps others.