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Cloning 530 Series 240 Gb SSD.

I have purchased a new 530 Series SSD - it requires a USB to SATA cable, which does not come in the box. I have canabalised an old external drive, but the cloning software does not recognise the drive. Error message received is shown below.

So, no cable supplied, and the cables do not seem to be readily available in the retail market here in Australia, and so the whole cloning process stops even before it starts.

Any ideas as to how to resolve? Thanks.

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Further to above, cable and physical connectivity issue now resolved. New HDD required formatting, which is not advised in cloning user manual, however Intel's cloning software still does not recognise presence of new disk.

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Hello pac52,

It is preferable that you have the SSD connected via SATA directly when using the Intel® Data Migration Software and that Windows* sees the drive. Make sure the SSD has been initialized. Here is step:

1 - Got to Disk Management (Control panel >>> System and Security >>> Administrative Tools >>> Computer Management >>> Storage >>> Disk Management).

At this point, you will see a message saying that the SSD needs to be initialized. Let the Wizard complete the process. If you are prompted to choose between MBR or GPT, please select MBR. If you do not get this message, please right click on the square box that says Disk # , example ( Disk 1) and initialize SSD. If the SSD is labeled unallocated, that means it needs to have a partition created, in order to do so, right click where it says unallocated and select New Simple Volume. Follow the default options. Allow it to format at the end. Once the process is over, you should see that the SSD is labeled the same as the C: drive and then try the Intel® Data Migration Software once again. However, there are other alternatives that you can try that might help you resolve this issue as well. Please bear in mind that before any procedure such as this one, a back-up of all your information is necessary to avoid important data loss. Please click in the link below :

*NOTE: This links is being offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel of the content, products, or services offered there.

Let us know if this information helped you.