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Cloning the other way around

New to the forum, so a friendly hello to the other participants.

I have installed a 120 ssd in my notebook (clean install of w7), so can I pur an image of the ssd on an external hhd connedted by usb - sata adapter.

Thank you for your advice.

Note: the space between the cursor and the last word is confusing (large gap which grows larger at the end of the sentence

When editing the problem gets worse with the cursur in the middle of the next word.

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Community Manager

I don't see why not, depending on the software you plan on using. If you are considering using the Intel Data Migration tool for SSD's, I am not sure if it works "the other way around", as you said. It also can have problems with some USB to SATA adaptors. What were you planning to use for cloning?

I'm not sure what you are referring to when you mention the cursor and the distance between the last word. That sounds like a modem or network problem, or some incompatibility with the forum software.