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Compatibility issue: Turbo Memory dose not work with dynamic disk mode!

I have got a 4GB Turbo Memory installed in notebook, PM965, T7250, 750G Hitachi HDD, Win7. After card adapted and driver installed, I found although the hardware state is normal, but that can not work. When added the program into dashboard, it gave me the note: some files can not be accelerated... The total load always 0%.


This issued again after I formated HDD and reinstall the OS. Then I took another 160G HDD to installed, this time Turbo Memory worked normally. Finally the problem occured with HDD mode. Turbo Memory working only with HDD basic mode, after changed into dynamic mode, it goes malfunction, you can not add any programmes into flash cache.


Maybe I am the first who met this. Hope Intel revise the drivers to solve this problem. Other people who may met such problems, I wish this can help you more or less.

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