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Does Intel Toolbox wear out SSD?

I have two questions regarding the Intel Toolbox provided SSD Optimizer. I am using Toolbox version 3.1.1, on Windows 7 32 bit.

1. It is documented that the Optimizer requires Volume Shadow Copy service to be enabled. I do not quite understand what it requires this service for. Moreover, when I run the tool with the service set to "Manual", I observed that the service was never started throughout the operation of the Optimizer.

Furthermore, I can enter the Optimizer panel with the service set to "Manual", thus enabling all buttons on the Optimizer, then set the VSS service to "Disabled", and still can run the tool successfully. Does this mean that the tool does not really require VSS?

2. The toolbox states that running the Optimizer will not wear out the SSD. However, when I run ProcMon on the tool, I found that it was creating several 1GB temporary files (to fill up all unused space) and writing zeroes to the files. Does this not increase the write cycles of the SSD? If used repeatedly, does this not wear out the SSD?

Hope that some Intel gurus can enlighten me on the above issues. Thanks!

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