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Does my SSD really need to be optimized before use??

Hello everyone,


I'm brand new to SSD's, I just purchased the SSD 335 Series 240GB Drive. I have 2 questions concerning SSD optimization; I saw many articles online for optimizing SSD's.


My friend, which owns other SSD's says that you will encounter "weird problems" if you don't optimize the SSD. I actually been running into some random problems with my system booting to a blank screen and then in the event viewer there's a critical error ID 41 Kernel-Power. But I can't say it's the SSD since the following components are also brand new: Asus Maximus V Formula motherboard, new Intel i7-3770K CPU, New DDR 16GG memory…


So here are my questions:

  1. 1. Is it true, will I run into weird problems if I don't optimize my SSD?
  2. 2. If so which optimization guide do you recommend or optimization steps do you recommend and which ones should I keep away from?

Thanks for your help!

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"Optimize" could have so many different definitions that what he told you is meaningless.

If he's talking about defragging, then the answer is absolutely not.

These are generally the things to consider doing with an SSD. You certainly don't need to do all of them.