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FOUND: Marvell and AMD Drivers That Support TRIM!

The topic of TRIM support with the Marvell SATA 3 controller and on AMD chipsets can be found in various threads in the Intel SSD forum, with the general consensus being the Marvell driver that most user have does not support TRIM, and the AMD chipset drivers remain ambiguous on TRIM support.

I stumbled across an article that claims to answer these questions and provide links to TRIM supporting drivers for both of these controllers! This is it:

I have not tried these drivers yet (I only have a mobo with the Marvell chip) so I cannot and do not confirm that they provide the TRIM command.

Please read the article yourself and try the drivers if you'd like to.

I posted this since it seems to be a possible solution for this issue, and we seemed to have come to a dead end in this forum regarding this issue. Hopefully these drivers will provide TRIM, but I cannot guarantee their function, etc.

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