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Firmware Update after restore from pre-SSD restore point

I restored my computer from an image taken prior to the installation of my X25-M G2 (160) and the restore was done to the X25. I am concerned about the state of the drives/firmware and if additional steps need be taken before declaring victory in the restore - as it relates to the drive. The drive had the Firmware Version 2CV102HD prior to the restore (which was installed early in 2010) and appears to have the same version after the restore (per the first 8 characters of the Device Instance Path ). (BTW, I had been running the 1.1 Toolbox which is why I believe my post-install SSD restore points were not usable.) Is a firmware update required? As I don't have the toolbox on the computer now, do I just download and install a new one (1.2/1.3) now? Is the stability of the restore at risk?

My level of sophistication is only modest at best. Any/all help/advice is appreciated.

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Community Manager

OS is Vista. Firmware seems to be the current version at 02HD so downloading the latest Toolbox does not seem overly adventurous.