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Firmware tool can't find SSD

You know, I feel snakebit. This is the first Intel product I've ever bought. Always had AMD homebuilts because of the price difference. But I did the research, and I wanted reliability above all in the SSD for the computer I built for my wife, so I got the 160G 320. Come to find out, Intel is shipping them broken. I can hardly believe it, but OK, let's make it work. I downloaded the iso, burnt it to disk, booted to it, jumped through the two lawyer's hoops, watched the little icon spin, and was treated to the news that the tool can't see my SSD, and if I want help, I should go to the support page on line, where I'm expected to sift through a vast scrapyard of documents and such. I looked, but I couldn't find anything useful. So here I am now.

I did find a previous post in here where the replies contradicted each other and put the blame on the user, whereupon the discussion was marked "answered". Does anyone else think as I do that it behooves Intel to write a fix that actually fixes the expensive part they sold us? Is there a way to make the tool see my SSD? Should I switch to IDE in the BIOS and try that? Should I RMA the thing and never buy another Intel product as long as I live and tell this horror story to anyone who'll listen?

I have an Asrock A75M mobo. Pardon the mini-rant, if you will.

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During the last month's we all had to go to the "Online support pages and sift through a vast scrapyard of documents and such...."

The main reasons I remembered for not recognizing the SSD during the firmware upgrade are:

1. Bios AHCI should be temporarily be switched to IDE (during firmware update).

2. SSD connected to a "improper" SATA port on the motherboard.

3. Issues related to Mac pc's.

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Thanks. I was afraid to do anything since reading the thread from 2009.