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Flash (Lenovo) Intel SSD 520 with original Intel Firmware


I have 4 Intel SSD 520 240GB Drives with Lenovo Firmware on it. I want to flash the original Intel Firmware, since the Lenovo Firmware isn't performing that good. Intel FUT and SSD Toolbox tell me, that the Firmware is up to date. Please advise me how to force a flash of the original Intel Firmware.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Cheers, Christian

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Hello chrisk2305,

The Intel® SSDs provided by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) with their equipment are designed to use the firmware versions provided by the respective OEM, in this case Lenovo*.

We suggest contacting the system manufacturer for further assistance. We may also be able to help you if you provide a more elaborate description of the main issue you are trying to solve.

I am sorry for any inconvenience.

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Hate to kick up a dead post but I'm here because this is the only post I could find on google regarding this.

I just purchased another Intel 520 SSD, a 240GB which I got off ebay. The SSD was described as coming out of a Lenovo laptop and I am now placing this into my desktop PC (RIVE, 3960X, G.SKill 2400 CL9) with the other two 520 SSDs I have, a 480GB and 120GB.

It would appear that this drive has the firmware version LE1i on it, which performs erroneously on the desktop platform under both Intel RST and the RIVEs own Asmedia 106x SATA 3 controllers/ports, incurring the problems of old such as suddenly disappearing and reappearing at random (rarely so far but happened a few times over the weekend). Obviously I need this drive to be using the 400i firmware to get it stable. I have tried downloading the toolbox again and the FUT but they both say it is already up to date. What I need is to be able to manually select and flash the firmware I need, 400i. I have contacted Lenovo who say this is an Intel matter and I have also lodged a ticket with Intel support today (haven't heard back yet) but I am posting here anyway because I get the impression I'm not going to receive the desired answer.

I can't return the product based on this problem, so I imagine the only solution would be for Intel to provide a tool that can do this flashing and the standalone firmware to flash it with, or update the parameters of the Toolbox installer to recognize that this SSD is no longer in the laptop system. I wanted to stay faithful to Intel as these SSDs are really good, hoping that I can get the desired outcome. If necessary I am willing to send it in to Intel at my own expense to have it flashed by you guys.

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Hello SMB92,

As was mentioned in previous posts, some Intel® SSD's are manufactured for OEM's (original equipment manufacturer) according to their specifications and requirements. This often includes using proprietary OEM firmware.

The Intel® SSD Firmware Update Tool and Intel® SSD Toolbox are meant to update Intel retail SSD's or OEM drives that use Intel® SSD Firmware. These tools can't be used to upgrade firmware of OEM modified drives. We are taking your feedback about making changes in the tools, however, at this time this would not be possible.

We advise you to contact the Computer Manufacturer Support(Lenovo), as they may have a firmware update available for this drive version.

We would like to add that buying previously used drives also has warranty implications, since the Intel® High Performance Solid-State Drives Limited Warranty is valid only for the purchaser of the SSD in its original sealed packaging ("Original Purchaser") and to the purchaser of a computer system built by an Original Purchaser containing the Product.