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Frequent messages, "There is no disk in the drive.

A few days ago I cloned my hard drive to the new SSD and I've been booting just fine off the Intel 530SSD. However, I keep getting pop-up messages like this. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling GoToMeeting but that doesn't help. Other applications give this message also. If I click on "Try Again" a couple of times it goes away until the next time I run the program. I'm thinking that it's running too fast for the software to handle. I'd really like a solution. Any ideas?

I think I found the solution. After cloning the hard drive to the SSD and then changing the boot drive to the SSD I needed to install the SSD Toolbox on the new boot drive. Once there I looked at the System Tuner and it needed to disable the SuperFetch. After this I rebooted and no more messages.

Too bad the support phone number didn't pickup on this. Their first suggestion was to re-clone the hard drive. Had I done this I would have lost three days worth of data

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