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Frustrated User - SSD Dead

Hi, I have an Intel SSD x-25m 34nm 80gb MLC for about 3 months now. At first all was ok but i 've been waiting for the new version toolbox to appear so i can update my firmware to the "trim" 1.2 version since i'm using Win7. Soon as it was avail i downloaded and updated succesfully ,run the optimizer too all was fine. After some time win 7 started to give me blue screens or just plain system hangs for ever and upon reboot the disk would give a 0xc0000005 error ,practically refusing to boot for no reason at all. For a few times i managed to save the system restoring from an Acronis image which i regurarly use to back up my system. Lately though the very same would cause the disk to completely disappear from bios, especially when in AHCI mode which is how i originally installed the whole system. (Mind you the firmware upgrade i did was as instructed in IDE mode and all went as supposed to) . My Gigabyte AHCI/RAID/SATA-IDE controller would not recognise the disk in AHCI mode. Switching back to IDE would make the disk re-appear ( lol ,so frustrating ) but still would not boot giving the same error. Even following the OS's prompt to repair the computer,inserting Windows7 disk and trying to repair the repair would start but then stop and fail saying there is no partition or no disk available to repair. Yesterday i gave up and recovered my Acronis image to my WD VelociRAPTOR 300gb and from there i could run the diagnostic on the Intel which says almost immedieatly in red " READ fail - contact your reseller " and stops at 26% . Now, this is the 2nd intel SSD i need to rma ( the first didnt work just right out of the box ,so i bought the new 34nm one ,hoping to work and for an improved performance) ,so can anyone please tell me is it sane to go for the same Intel disk again ? Will it work or will the system after some re-writes start behaving itself ? I use my pc to do my work which is quite important to me so any suggestion would be helpful. Thanks for your patience.

My system is Gigabyte X48-DQ6 , Intel Core 2 Quad

Extreme Edition 2,66 ghz , 2x Radeon 4850 ,4 gb Corsair Dominator DDR2 800,combination of WD,Seagate and Samsung drives,Win 7 32bit

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Hello, please take in consideration that it depends of the software version (if Acronis support Solid State Drives) if that software will work in your Solid State Drive, if it is not one of the latest versions it will not work because of how the information is storage in the Solid State Drive.

I recommend you to check with the software manufacturer and make sure that your software version support Solid State Drives.

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Ahhmmmm,i don't mean to b rude but answer after 8 months? how cool... Funny this is new technology and your disk is still around ,if it was common hd by the time some1 answered the model would be almost discontinued lol . Thnx anyway , problem solved ,got rid of the drive ,went for a mechanical 2tb and got money back . Still i 'm not giving up on ssd , just waiting for the next gen to come. Cheers