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G2 SSD firmware update resulted in intermittent system freezing

After succesfully performing the firmware update on my 80gig G2, Win7 found new hardware, installed it, and asked for reboot, like everyone has mentioned in the other thread. The computer booted fine, I then ran the SSD Toolbox and optimized the drive (actually ran it twice in a row).

The computer boots and works, it just freezes for 5 to 8seconds all the time, as if it cant access the harddrive for awhile, but then finally is able to get to wherever it was going and resumes.

i7 860, Win7 Eval Copy, Build 7100, SSD in IDE mode, it was in compatability mode, but I changed it to enhanced IDE mode, and it doesnt seem to have made much difference - the hangs might be a little less frequent, but its still awful.

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