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Generating an RMA...

SSD RMA generation used to be easy. Now you have to:

1) Have a working login

2) Spend 2 hours on the phone with tech support to get your login to work

3) Reset your password

4) Password doesn't work

5) Reset your password

6) Password doesn't work

7) Reset your password

8) Password doesn't work

9) Wait for level-2 tech support to enact an act of congress to reset your login (they promised to call back, but of course did not)

10) Fill out an application to become an "Intel Technology Provider" for the privilege of generating an RMA for a failed SSD

11) Wait for pending application to be approved.

For the love of all that is holy, surely there is an easier way to generate an RMA for a failed SSD. What on god's green Earth happened to the Warranty Process??????

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Hello harleydood,

I am really sorry for all the troubles you have been through. I would be frustrated as well.

We can offer you different ways to request for a warranty replacement that can be easier.

Here you can find the options:

Kevin M