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HELP!: nVidia Chipset Driver and Intel X-25 160 G errors

I have a Dell Studio XPS 1340 with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit, Intel P9600 Processor, 8 Gigs Ram, 512 Meg nVidia 210m Video Card.

My problem is I can not install nVidia's Chipset Driver (nVidia MCP79 Chipset ver.2.11,A04)

as it changes the timings of the SSD and changes it from ATA to SCSI. Also Intel SSD toolbox will not work (cannot connect to drive error).

With a fresh install of Win7 and updates the SSD X-25 is reconized as ATA and Intel,s Toolbox works. I can even install all the lastest drivers

and nVidia's display driver and everything is fine with X-25.

But I have and error with the Coprocessor as I have not install the driver. I have used the laptop for weeks with the Coprocessor disabled so I do not get warnings but this is not the way I want to continue

Installing the chipset driver just makes my laptop get Blue Screens with a couple of different error messages to many to list.

Dell just tells me that Intels SSD Drives are not support by Dell so I cannot get help unless I BUY DELL's SSD built by Samsung

nVidia tells me to contact Dell.

Intel tells me contact Dell


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Your problem is that you're running windows. Try it under Linux and you'll be a much happier person

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MTF schrieb:

But I have and error with the Coprocessor as I have not install the driver. I have used the laptop for weeks with the Coprocessor disabled so I do not get warnings but this is not the way I want to continue

What you need is an nForce SMU driver version, wich does support the "Coprocwssor" of your special chipset.

You may try the 64bit SMU driver I have linked within this thread:

If you should not succeed, please give me the HardwareID's of your device named "Coprocessor" (right click onto it > "Properties" > "Details" > "Property" > "HardwareID's").



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To Fernando,

Sorry about not getting back to you I did try your SMB Driver but it did not help for my laptop. So I just just did another fresh install and did not install the driver for the chipset from Dell and their Dell System Software. I just left the coprocessor disabled. I have been using the laptop for 9 months and I have yet to run into any problems. Only one thing I've noticed is in Slingbox Player Desktop 2.0, "No video acceleration hardware detected" is grayed out.

Here are my Hardware ID's for the Coprrocessor





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First, be sure you install Windows after the AHCI option is selected in the BIOS (instead of the ATA).

Download and install the latest nForce driver package from Nvidia for the 730i chipset (updated May 2nd!)...

Deselect the option to install the storage driver (nForce IDE Serial ATA) since you need to use the driver for the Microsoft Standard AHCI Serial ATA Controller under the IDE ATA/ATAPI device group in order to have TRIM support on the Intel drive. Changing the driver from the NVIDIA nForce to the Standard Microsoft one will fix your problems with the Intel Toolbox not connecting to the drive. It's the only way to make the drive fully functional - and believe me, I've checked.

Wait to do the post-install reboot until after you switched the SATA driver back to the Standard Microsoft one.

Stay away from the latest Dell System Software update - if you install it, you will be in a big BSOD hell.

You should install Nvidia's latest graphic driver for the G210M...

And... be sure to have the Ricoh chipset installed, as that was also a common source of an "Unknown Device" message in Device Manager for me...

In fact, that Ricoh chipset may have been what fixed the co-processor problem for me.



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Oh - and keep in mind that you need to install the Bluetooth software that Dell provides to make that device visible.

I have your same setup and I am happily error free!

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Thanks for the suggestions Mike!

I've tried the video driver from nVidia with bad results especially in turbo mode, but not in combination with the chipset driver you suggest.

Have you ever tried installing the chipset driver last? I know it's not the right way

My question is, I really do not want to do another fresh install at this time. Even though that only takes 7 minutes.

I have so to many programs customized just right. It takes hours to redo.

My laptop runs perfect, Trim tool works, No error messages unless you look into the device manager for coprocessor.

I have yet to come across anything that's this fast! Desktop or laptop.

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It was time to try again, I use the suggestions and still had big problems!!!

First I installed the nforce driver unchecking Drive support and then tried the lastest Video Driver from nVidia that killed everything. Back to the drawing board!!!

I finally thing I got it now.

First: I found out that there is a firmware update for X25 and a new verison of Inetel SSD Toolbox so I went ahead installed those, then did another fresh install of Windows 7 64bit.

Second: then used the nFroce chipset driver unchecking the drive and the network boxes. leaveing only Chipset.

Third: Install Dell's Video driver. DO NOT USE nVidia's Video Driver / DO NOT use Dell System Software or nForce AHCI

and then install the rest from Dell

So far so good, but it's been only one day.


I updated the Firmware to the lastest.

Just ran the new SSD full test

and error: mismatched data! Call Intel


I will be getting the new replacement SSD in a week, under warranty

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I will forget about using this $500 SSD from Intel in this Laptop

I bought a WD Black Scorpion 750 GB and I'm very impressed with the speed it only added about 8 seconds at boot up.

By the way, I got sucker into buying the cross shipping fee $25.

Don't fall for it, I in the heat of my problem with the SSD failing, just said OK to everything I did not know that this is non refundable.

I'm pissed really pissed!!!!!!!!!! I will never buy another Intel SSD their are plenty of others out there and cheaper and bigger and faster!!!!!!!

The only one who loses more is Intel (a customer)

I am done with my RANT