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HID Event Filter


Is there a fix for the HID event filter issue that causes my keyboard to malfunction (keys b,n, 2, spacebar, among others) in my Dell 5593 laptop? Seems when I delete this thru the remove software process in Win10, my keyboard will function normally, but it keeps showing up in 'device manager' even though I delete it as above.

How do I get it to not reload on my computer??? This is driving me nuts.



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Hello Frustrated11,


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As we understand, you need assistance with your Dell* 5593 laptop keyboard. If we infer correctly, we will appreciate it if you can review the following information:


Please, contact Dell* to check if they can guide you on how to repair your keyboard. We apologize, but this configuration or part exchange is out of our scope of support since it is on OEM equipment that may need a specific setup to work as you planned.


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This is not a Dell hardware problem. It is a problem with Intel HID Event Filter/drivers. I'm going back and forth with Intel and Dell hoping somebody can provide me with an answer to a simple question; how do I get the HID Event Filter to stop loading when restarting my computer? I've deleted thru control panel and also thru device manager, but it still keeps re-appearing in device manager - how does this happen if it's been deleted thru control panel? I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but it seems there should be a relatively simple answer to my question. Thanks in advance.