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HP OEM (X-25M 160GB) / Windows boot after undock

I discovered an interesting problem with an Intel SSD that has been built in a new HP Elitebook 8440p. As the Notebook even has been exchanged I am sure that this problem is relevant with all actual HP Elitebook Notebooks with an Intel SSD.

Windows: Win 7 Enterprise (or Pro) 64bit

Problem: After Windows shutdown in a docking station, the next undocked reboot does not work properly and is extremely slow. If you log into windows the aero mode is disabled and you get an error message that some service cannoct connect to the reporting services. the shutdown after the login is nearly impossible, so after some time you have to kill the system by pressing the power button for some time. If you shut down windows without having been logged in, the next system start performs regular.

with a regular HDD instead of the SSD the fault does not come up.

I've tried a lot of things:

* shut down in ds - take out of ds, bring into ds - boot - regular


* shut down in ds - take out of ds - change from SSD to HDD - boot regular - change from HDD to SSD - boot fault

* I have tried two different notebooks, have tries several reinstalls of Windows 7 - no changes


* Hot undock - shut down windows - fault occures ad next boot

Maybe anyone here has a guess? For some reason If I shut down windows in the docking station and then undock the system the SSD's behavior is not correct - maybe a power problem?

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Hello, I would like to let you know that the issue that you describe below is related with the laptop itself not with the Solid state drive, therefore I recommend contacting the Laptop Manufacturer for further assistance.

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You are correct. The misbehavior was caused by an defective audio device driver.

Nevertheless it is interesting that the same image did work on the HDD but showed the fault on the SSD.

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So, I have the same issue with my Elitebook 8730w. Support wants me to reimage the harddrive, not an option if at all possible. It would take days to get it runnning again with all my work software. How did you determine the driver at fault? I am at my wits end with this. Thanks.

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In my case the issue was caused by an defective audio device driver from IDT.

I did find the issue by disconnecting all cables from the doccing station and then start and finish windows and start again.

Then I plugged in one cable and started the sequence start - shut down and start again

when i plugged in the speaker cable to the audio exit at the docking station the error came up at the second start,

after uninstalling the ITD driver the system started without problem the next time. hp than gave me the link to a differnt idt audio driver, that worked fine.

if you talk to hp: the case describing the problem was 4618947965

the correct driver was: but this might not be actual.

hope this helps!