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Help! Non-system disk, press any key to continue error.

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I made a boo-boo and upgraded my Seagate backup drive's firmware withing windows while my 160GB X25-M G2 SSD was boot device and when I rebooted after a successful flash, I get a non-system disk, press any key... error. I can press any key and the system continues to boot without error, althought it seems a little slow to get to the desktop (20secs instead of 12secs).

Is there an easy way to fix this without reinstalling windows?


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New Contributor I


Well, I tried using the Win 7 Ult x64 install disk to do a repair and it reported there was something to fix, but all it did was create a dual boot menu that I didn't want.

I'm open to any suggestions. as it is, I will have to reinstall win7 and pray it fixes it.