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Help!! computer whiz I'm not, trying to download driver?! :(

Hi, if there is anyone willing to help I would appreciate it!

I am currently trying to fix a problem that was created when the Comcast Tech came out to our home on Thursday. I switched service from At&t to Comcast. The tech was having a difficult time changing over our service provider. After trouble shooting with Comcast's help desk, I was informed that my driver was lost to connect to Windows. They also told me it is my problem to fix not theirs. I told them for 9 years I've never had any problem, and everything was working fine until Mr. Comcast showed up to change our service. It seems that somehow the tech removed my driver that connects me to the internet. My computer is a Intel Pentium 4CPU 2.80GHz. I was told that I had to go online with a different computer (which I am on my laptop) and find the correct driver to download to a flash drive. This desk top I've had for sometime, and I can not find any of my software/cd's. I hope I am at least on the right site to find the driver I need to download.

I am not very educated when it comes to being a computer tech. If anyone could help me it would be great! I am trying to follow my way through the Download Center. I am lost at the first question as to selecting the product family name Any help would be greatly appreciated!~ Thank you, Melinda

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Could you provide some more infomation about the compter your trying to fix? Is it made by Dell or HP for example? What windows do you have, you can find this out from the control panel under system (I assume where you found Pentium 4 CPU).


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Hi, the computer is Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3

(this is the informations un System) then under Computer it says- Intel (R) Pentium 4 CPU 2.80.

The desk top is a rebuilt computer that my boyfriend has. As I said in the first e-mail, I am trying to find a driver to download to reinstall into his computer. After Comcast left, the internet stopped working. When I called Comcast this is when they tried to help me connect to the internet, and when we I went into Newwork Connections, there was no icon to click on to begin the internet connection. This is when Comcast informed me that I would have to reinstall the driver, and that I could "simply" lol go online to download the information that I needed from another computer in the house and reinstall it into the desktop.

Thank you, I hope this will help. As I said, computers are not my thing. I SO appreciate any help you can give us!


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OK, thanks for that.

It sounds like you have no network card driver, did the Comcast people connect the wires for you all the way to the PC?

If you got to start and then click on run, enter devmgmt.msc and click OK. you shoudl see a list of hardware in your computer, if you see a Network item you should be able to expand it.

Take a screenshot of this by pressing and holding the "Alt Gr" key and then pressing the "PrtScn" key, open paint and click the paste option to put the screenshot into paint, you can then save this file and attach it to a post here (Sorry if you know how to do this already).

We need to try and work out what network card you have, so we can get the drivers. You might have to take some photos of the insides of the computer if you upto that?