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Help needed with SSD 80G 5.0V Engineering Sample

I've bought this SSD as a refurbished item from a seller on eBay:

ISN: CVEM8032005L080DGN


SA: E26648-801


Model Number: SSD 80G 5.0V


Engineering Sample only.

Using SSD Toolbox, the SSD is visible, but ghosted, and next to it I see "No Partition: Intel Ephraim-S 73.6 GB"

There's no way for me to format it using this version of SSD toolbox (or the latest, newest version, 3.0.2)

The seller told me I needed an old version of SSD Toolbox to format it and get it ready to use. I don't know how to get that older version or the number of the version I need and the "nice" seller won't give me any detail on how to "fix" it.

Can anyone give me some instructions on how to get the SSD ready to use ?

I'm on a PC running Windows 7 Home Premium.

Thank you !

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Community Manager

Hi there, me too bought this ssd from this guy in ebay got the exactly the same problem with you. I been configuring for months to solve ths problem

Not to sure wheather this ssd is kaput (defect) Not to sure intel got the solution for this?

Community Manager

I don't understand, why you need to format it in SSD Toolbox?

If it does not have MBR and Partition, all you need is to create one, using Disk management

If your ssd is in working state then installation process should be similar to hdd instalation, described like in this article

Community Manager

Of course, that's the first thing I tried but it just doesn't work. System gives a "I/O device error". That's why we need that elusive older version of SSD Toolbox, I guess.

And Intel nerver answered my questions...

Community Manager

If it gives you an "I/O device error" than you have bought another piece of deception art from ebay. And you should not wait any help from intel here, those products are not supported by intel, I think.

You should contact seller and return the item back. If it possible.

You can try to do secure erase for you drive, using Parted Magic for example.

And here comes the candy...