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High Power Cycle Count for Intel 520

According to Intel SSD Toolbox, the (0C) Power Cycle Count on my Intel 520 480 GB is 5419. I've had the drive for about 6 weeks, and it seems to be going up by nearly 1000 per week. The computer is not actually restarting 140 times per day. A normal reboot increments the counter by one. I've seen the other reports of high Power-on Hours Count and of the Unexpected Power Loss and Unsafe Shutdown Count incrementing with each Power Cycle Count, and I'm having those same issues, but I haven't seen anyone report unusually high Power Cycle Count.


Power-on Hours Count = 895626 (Normalized 0)

Power Cycle Count = 5419 (Normalized 95, this value is going down by 1 per week)

Unexpected Power Loss = 5418 (Normalized 100)

Unsafe Shutdown Count = 5418 (Normalized 100)

Everything else looks normal, and the drive is performing normally. I called tech support and they offered to cross-ship a replacement for $25 non-refundable. I'm inclined to do that. Has anyone else had the problem with a high Power Cycle Count? And if so, was the issue with the drive or was it with a different system component like the motherboard, power supply, or maybe even driver issues with sleep/standby?

OS = Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Motherboard = DX79TO

CPU = Intel Core i7 3930K

UPS = CyberPower 1500PFCLCD with no power events listed

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I found the problem, and it was not the SSD drive.

I spent some time watching the computer after it went to sleep, and I saw that it was actually frequently waking up and going back to sleep. I finally found the cause. The network adapter was configured as shown in the screenshot below. I fixed the problem by enabling the "Only allow a magic packet to wake the computer" option (or I could have disabled "Allow this device to wake the computer"). Only two things wake up the computer now: 1) me, 2) scheduled tasks like the nightly backup.