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How can I tell if Windows 7 properly detected and optimized my X25-M?

I just installed a X25-M G2 80G with a fresh Win7 RC install. The OS supposedly has built in detection for SSD and will layout the drive and optimize the OS for the SSD. My WEI is 7.4 which seems in line with what it should be but....

"When a solid state drive is present, Windows 7 will disable disk defragmentation, Superfetch, ReadyBoost, as well as boot and # application launch prefetching."

How can I test that this has been done? The defrag is not disabled for the drive

How can I tell if TRIM is enabled?

AFAIK, this shows that prefetch and superfetch are enabled.


Value 2


Name: EnableSuperfetch




Data: 0x3

Value 3


Name: EnablePrefetcher




Data: 0x3
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HI, i've got the same question about it how can i tell if win7 detect my X25 postvill as a SSD

for sjm817 about the trim :, it is normal beause our x25-m have not the trim in firmware for now

but for the other question i am seeking for answers

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Take a look at this link

I found the command below. Mine returned a 0 which means trim is on. Does that mean the drive supports trim? Not sure. I think it means it is set in the OS

C:>fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify


DisableDeleteNotify = 0


Correct, if fsutil reports that "DisableDeleteNotify" is 0, then Trim is enabled. (The feature is sometimes referred to using different names: Trim == Delete Notification == Unused Clusters Hint.) The setting is written in terms of disabling something because we like to use values of 0 for defaults.

Have Trim enabled according to this setting, which you do, means that the filesystem will send Trim commands down the storage stack. The filesystem doesn't actually know whether this command will be supported or not at a lower level. When the disk driver receives the command, it will either act on it or ignore it. If you know for sure that your storage devices don't support Trim, you could go ahead and disable Trim (enable DisableDeleteNotify) so the filesystem won't bother to send down these notifications. However sending down the notifications is pretty lightweight and I haven't seen any performance improvement by disabling them, so I don't recommend disabling this setting. If you have an SSD which does support Trim, then you definitely don't want to disable it, because there are some performance gains to be had for leaving the setting in its default form."