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How to Rebuild Intel Raid(ICH10R) Outside of Windows?

Computer Info:

Board - Asus P6T WS Pro

SouthBridge- ICH10R

Chipset - X58

CPU - Intel Core i7 920

This board has also a Marvell chip for two SAS drives so my config is:

2x SAS Drives in Raid 1 with Marvell chip

3x SATA drives in Raid 5 with Intel chip

Normally it is impossible to use both raid configs BUT there is a workaround on the net that basically requires to:

1) Enable + configure intel Raid

2) Disable intel ROM for raid (set as AHCI)

3) Enable Marvell ROM for SAS and configure Raid

Once in OS everything works nicely: Both Raid arrays are recognised and work properly. They show up on hardware management and all other resources

However, if one of the drives fails there is a problem.

By reactivating Intel's ROM I have set for "Rebuild Array" and it says that the rebuild will continue once in the OS. In Windows 7, the Intel array the software(IRST does see that there is a problem(warning) but does not show the array and options to rebuild it. In fact, it does not show that there are any drives connected.

My OS is on Marvell Raid and I have no additional drives to install a temporary windows OS and rebuild the array. Is there a way to rebuild the array by booting from a USB into some sort of DOS, UNIX or any other portable OS? Are there any other options?

Thank you for your help,


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Community Manager

Note that on this case I think the best option will be to contact Asus directly since your question is related with RAID specifically.

Community Manager

That's a quite interesting configuration there. I've never heard of another platform that can run the IRST GUI, or another version of the IRST GUI for DOS, etc.

There is a SMALL chance the following may work, since the current versions of the IRST GUI (11.6, 11.7) when used with Windows 7, don't get along with other SATA controllers. Yes I know yours is SAS, but obviously SATA compatible.

Try using IRST 11.2:

It should install, but just warn you about installing an older version. IRST 11.7 in RAID mode is NOT specified as compatible with the ICH10R. It looks like there has been a transition in IRST, starting in 2012, at least partially due to Windows 8, and the continuing changes made to the PCH type chipset (which in a sense has evolved back into a "south bridge" chip like the ICH10R.) We can't just keep installing the newest versions of IRST on our older chipsets, they won't work correctly.