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How to fix disk failure on SSD 320 Series: Disk Manager: Unknown - Not recognized

Older laptop and SSD 320 Series made in 2011 -- Originally Windows 7 laptop that became upgraded to Win 10 over the years.

My laptop just failed - The screen went black. I used my desktop machine to try and rescue my files.

Windows says the SSD is Unknown and Not Recognized -- but it's full of data.

And somewhere there is an operating system as well.

Any way to rescue this situation?

It's a major panic scene over here.

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Hello Doovie,

Thank you for your interest in the Intel® SSD 320 Series.

Your SSD has surpassed its expected lifespan. The condition that you describe seems to be a result of the normal use of the drive. After certain amount of writes, every SSD may present failures due to the lack of memory cells, and since you mention that it is not recognized by the operating system, there is no way of accessing the data.

I know this is not the answer you were expecting, but there is nothing else that we can do to rescue the data that once was present in the SSD.


Andres V.

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