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How to register 2 SSD's purchased via eBay?

I purchased for myself 2 SSD's via eBay, both brand new in the box, unopened.

Both are from reputable dealers that have more than several retail locations across Canada, and that's where I am.

I have tried to register the products, but in both case's the SSD's are OEM overstock and and do not come with a retail serial number (# -# ).

They both have just a brown box with bar codes and serial numbers, matching the items in the box.

My serial number(s) starts off, in both case's, with like this: CVL# F(180GB mSATA) or CVTR# EGN(480GB SATA).

So my question is, how do I register the products for warranty purposes?

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Hello MichaelTav,

Intel® SSD's (including OEM drives) are covered by Intel's Limited Warranties for Solid State Drives. The drives do not need to be registered in order to honor the warranty, however, we advise you to check the warranty documents for terms and conditions.

The warranty is only valid to the purchaser of the Product in its original sealed packaging (Original Purchaser) and to the Purchaser of a computer system built by an Original Purchaser containing the product (Original System Customer). Used drives are not covered by warranty.

Since you bought the drive brand new in the box, you should not have any problem with the warranty. It is recommended to keep the receipt or proof of purchase as it may be required for support.

If you prefer, you can Contact Support to register yourself in our Support system.