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How to use Intel SSD Toolbox on Intel S3700 disks with Dell PERC H710P


In 2013, I purchased 11 Intel SSD 200G DC S3700 drives. I have them installed on a Dell PowerEdge R720 using a PERC H710P RAID controller. I would like to use the toolbox to check on the status of these drives and to perform the other functions to improve performance. Is this possible?

If it's important, I have 2 of the drives configured as RAID-1 and the 8 others as RAID-50 (with one uninstalled spare).

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Dan Brusco,

The toolbox will work behind Intel® RST however, you will need to check with the current controller manufacturer if the SSD is fully supported. We cannot guarantee it will work in this configuration. In cases such as this one, we recommend to use the Intel® RST